Here is a list of all my articles published by alphabetical order


– Annie Besant as an Early Theosophist (The Theosophist, October 2006)

– Colonel Olcott. An Ever-Inspiring Example (The Theosophist, March 2007)

– Cosmogony in the Stanzas of Dzyan (Supplement to Brahmavidyā, 2013)

– Damodar and the Preparation for the Occult Path (The Indian Theosophist, December 2007)

– Drugs and Spirituality – An Occult Perspective (Quest, Winter 2015)

– The Esoteric School of Theosophy (Quest, Summer 2013)

– Expanding our Centre of Consciousness (The Theosophist, May 2008)

Jñāna Yoga and The Secret Doctrine  (The Theosophist, July 2013)

– Krishnamurti’s Teachings and Theosophy (The Theosophist, December 2004)

– Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters (Quest, Summer 2011)

– Manifestation of Intention Through Visualization (The Theosophist, January 2010)

Meditating on The Secret Doctrine (The Theosophist, July 2006)

– Psychic Phenomena and the Early Theosophical Society (Quest, Summer 2012)

– Radhaji on the Esoteric Side of J. Krishnamurti (The Indian Theosophist, May 2015)

Radhaji’s Vision of the Theosophical Work (The Indian Theosophist, November 2014)

– Remembering Radhaji (The Theosophist, October-November 2014)

– The Roots of Modern Theosophy (The Theosophist, November 2011)

– Science – Modern and Occult. Part 1 (The Theosophist, November 2012)

– Science – Modern and Occult. Part 2 (The Theosophist, December 2012)

– The Secret Doctrine – Past and Future (The Indian Theosophist, April, May & June 2013)

The Secret Doctrine as a Spiritual Practice (The Theosophist, May 2006)

– Taijasa Awareness Meditation (The Theosophist, June 2010)

Theosophical Leaders Who Inspire Me (The Theosophist, Nov. 2005)

The Theosophical Path of Meditation (Quest, Winter 2011)

– Theosophy and Gnosticism (Insight, Spring 2007)

– Theosophy as Spiritual Practice (Theosophy Forward, June 2010)

There is No Psychological Evolution (The Theosophist, August 2014)

Treading the Secret Path (The Indian Theosophist, July& August 2014)

– What is Theosophy? (The Theosophist, December 2007)

– Who Am I? A Theosophical Inquiry (The Theosophist, August 2009)



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