Finding the Eternal


The Power of Thought and Its Use


The Problem of Evil


An Esoteric Approach to Happiness


Enlightenment! Sudden or Gradual?


The Heart and Spiritual Consciousness


The Myth of the Fallen Angels


The Work of the Theosophical Society


Akashic Records–A Theosophical View


Foundations of Theosophy Course


1) Introduction to Theosophy


2) From Chaos to Cosmos


3) A Cyclic Model of the Universe


4) The Seven Dimensions in Cosmos and Self


5) Cosmic Evolution


6) A Hierarchy of Beings


7) The Human Pilgrimage


8) Our Mission in Life


9) Reincarnation


10) Karma


11) Death and After


12) After-Death and the New Birth


13) The Masters of the Wisdom


14) The Occult Path


15) The Path of Initiation


16) Self Transformation